About Us

Park House is an award winning modern Welsh restaurant and wine bar that was established in 2005.

At Park House we are passionate about quality ingredients and seek to emphasise the wonderful aspects of our local Welsh nature. Our mission is to create dishes that involve texture, flavour and excitement whilst matching perfectly with our passion – wine.

Our food style is modern European with a passion for wild game. We focus on the best of British produce that is sourced from both the land and sea.

Our passion is not just limited to the food we offer but also the drinks we serve. We truly believe that a perfect wine match not only elevates the dish but also the wine. Wine and food matching is at the core of what we do and we have built over the last 10 years one of the finest cellars in the UK and this enables us to offer multiple wine match’s to every dish we serve.

Park House Restaurant is housed in a stunning Gothic style mansion house located in the heart of Cardiff’s old district. The property was built in 1874 by the wealthy Marquess of Bute, who commissioned the first of the great docks, which transformed the Cardiff from a sleepy town into a modern, prosperous city.

He commissioned the house for his Chief Engineer, John McConnochie, who later became Mayor of Cardiff. It was intended to be a house of lavish entertainment and we certainly think that he would have approved of its current use!